Our products

Textile and fabrics

Our trading partner is company NOVATEX so we can offer you also the textile products from their product range, see at: www.novatex.cz and their e-shop: www.novatex.cz/eshop

Who we are?

The company Novatex, a. s. is a wholesale company that is engaged in the import and sale of the textile in the Czech and Slovak Republic. The company was founded in 1991 and nowadays it is number one in the market in the mentioned comodity.

Our customers

pictureCurrently, the company has about 700 active customers in the Czech Republic and approximately 400 clients in the Slovak Republic. The structure of the clientele is very diverse - the company cooperates with either several biggest producers of ready-made clothing in our country and in Slovakia (for example Otavan Třeboň, Makyta Púchov, etc.), and with bigger, medium and small sewing workshops. The important part of our clientele is represented by tailor"s shops and the last but not the least group of our customers is formed by retail outlets with textile.

Most producers of ready-made clothing are served in the way of regular contracting visits. The customers book orders on the basis of the pattern-books, which are available at all sales representatives. We do our best to ensure that our customers are able to assess and order on the base of the pattern-books.

The other way is the direct sale "from the car"- this way is used mainly by retail outlets, sewing workshops, and also by tailor"s shops.

The ability to serve such a diversified basis of clientele, and also varied forms of service can be considered as one of the substantial competitive advantages. Obviously, a very important role plays, due to the commodity, which is influenced by stylishness and trends, to provide as shrewd and interesting selection of the materials for every season and collection as possible. The last but not the least important role is played by the exact timing of the supplies in compliance with the requirements of the market.