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L410 UVP-E

AIRCRAFT LET 410UVP-E VIP version S/N 882103

Aircraft hours: TTSN - 2097
Cycles: 4829
Landing Gears on Condition

Engine No1: S/N 891055
Engine Type Walter M601E
Hours Used 391.
Remaining Hours: 1608.
Cycles: 559
Calendar Period 5 years.
Engine TBO 2000 hours

Engine No2: S/N 883042.
Hours Used 391.
Remaining Hours 1608.
Cycles 559.
Calendar Period 5 years
Engine TBO 2000 hours to next checks

Propeller No1: S/N 520681225
Hours Used: 393
Remaining Hours: 2606.
Cycles: 389

Propeller No2: S/N 520681224
Hours Used: 393
Remaining Hours: 2606
Cycles: 389
Propeller TBO : 3000 hours

Delivery: 2-3 weeks from payment of deposit

P1 done in the CZ on 14/10/2003
P4 done in the CZ on 05/04/2007

AIRCRAFT L410 UVP-E S/N: 902435

NO OF PAX SEAT: 19 pax + 3 Crew.
Aircraft Cycle 1191.
Landing Gears on Condition.

Engine No1: S/N 8974021 Engine Type: Walter M601E
Hours Used: 984.
Remaining Hours: 1115.
Cycles: 687/4433
Calendar period: 5 years
Engine TBO 2000hrs

Engine No2: S/N 874029 Engine Type: Walter M601E
Hours Used: 984.
Remaining hours: 1115.
Cycles: 687/4433.

Propellers No1: S/N 03068905.
Hours Used 188.
Remaining Hours: 2,811.
Cycles: 188

Propeller No2: S/N 02068880
Hours Used: 188
Remaining Hours: 2,811.
Cycles: 188
Propeller TBO: 3000hours

Delivery: 2-3 weeks from payment of deposit





400.000USD EXW Brno, Czech republic


AIRCRAFT L410 UVP-E S/N: 902436

· Type: L410 UVP‐E
· Serial No: 902436
· Date of manufacture:07/11/1990
· TSN:5948 FH
· Total Landing:6097 Cycle
· Last O/H : R1(4800 Hours inspection carried out on 02/04/2004 at total A/F 3435FH/3986 Landings)
· ½ O/H (2400 Hours inspection carried out on 09/11/2007 at total A/F 5867(next will be included in R2 4800 FH inspection) · Remaining for 300 H check: 219 H

L/H engine:
· Type: Walter M601E
· Serial No: 873007
· Date of manufacture:1987
· TSN:3473 FH/4862 Cycles
· TBO: 2000 FH/2250 Cycles or 5 years.
· TSO:80 FH/50 cycles
· Last O/H carried out on 28/09/2007.
· Number of O/H: 2nd
· Date installed: 19/10/2007.

R/H engine:
· Type: Walter M601E
· Serial No: 891026
· Date of manufacture:1989
· TSN:3986 FH/3812 Cycles
· TBO: 2000FH/2250 Cycles or 5 years.
· TSO:73FH/46 cycles
· Last O/H carried out on 03/10/2008.
· Number of O/H: 2nd
· Date installed: 15/04/2008.

L/H Prop:
· Type: Avia V510
· Serial No: 03068917
· TSN:3442 FH
· TBO: 3000 FH or 5 years.
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· TSO:1040 FH

R/H engine:
· Type: Avia V510
· Serial No:140681157
· TSN:5136 FH
· TBO: 3000 FH or 5 years.
· TSO:1040 FH
· Last O/H carried out on 30/10/2003.


950.000 USD


L410 UVP-E S/N xx2016

Aircratf model: L410 UVP-E
Serial No. 2016
Year of manufacturer: 1987
On Condition performed by LET
TTSN: 4090:80FH
R1: Non Performed
With tip tanks

Engines model: M601-21
Engine serial No. 873018 TTSN: 7.037:00FH, TTSO: 00:00FH Overhauled by Walter, a.s on Sep/05/2008
Engine serial No. 863020 TTSN: 6.385:00FH, TTSO: 00:00FH Overhauled by Walter, a.s on Sep/05/2008

Propellers model: V510
Propeller serial No. 310681213 TTSN: 3.564:30FH, TTSO: 00:00FH Overhauled by Avia Propeller March/06/2009
Propeller serial No. 520681221 TTSN: 3.543:04FH TTSO: 00:00FH Overhauled by Avia Propeller March/06/2009

USA Avionics minimun standrads / >From 1 to 10, Interior: 5 Paint: 5


will be provided on request


LET410UVP-E s/n 8719...

Aircraft type: LET L410 UVP-E
Year of manufacture 1987.
SN 8719
Total hours 3420+31
Total cycles 5875
Seating Capacity 19+2

Max Take Off Weight 6400 kg
Fuel capacity Main Tanks 1000 kg
Basic Empty Weight 4060 kg
Fuel Capacity Tip Tanks : N/A

Last check R2 16. 04. 2007.
Check R2 interval: 20 yrs
Next Check: F2+remaining 300 fh / 172H+24M
Lower Check Type F1 10 Days (Line)

Manufacturer Walter Walter
Model M 601 E M 601 E
Position L/H R/H
Engine Serial Number 873 029 872 014
Total hours / cycles 3002H+39M/2846 3085H+14M/2653
Time/ cycles Since Ovelrhaul 727H+14M / 1093 727H+14M / 1093
Time/cycles to Overhaul 1272H+46M /1157 1272H+46M /1157

Model V 510 V 510
Position L/H R/H
Propeller Serial Number 71068218 71068220
Total hours 2424H+19M 2533H+09M
Time Since Overhaul 727H+14M 727H+14M
Time To Overhaul 2272H+46M 2272H+46M



will be provided on request




LET 410 UVP-E S/N 861703

TTSN: 6413,6 HRS

ENGINE /LEFT S/N 841214 TSO 1449,5
ENGINE /RIGHT S/N 912013 TSO 1970,6 one extension of 200 HRS was performed by factory.

PROPELLER S/N 140681164 TSO 534
PROPELLER S/N 110681052 TSO 534



will be provided on request



L410 UVP-E S/N 902506 available for sale

Aircraft is currently undergoing R2+ check plus AD note 2008-0104 scheduled to be finished by end of January 2011; after which it will be operable in Europe, in transport configuration and cargo configuration with containers.

The airplane is definitely one of the best Let410s on the market since owner treated it with utmost care investing hundreds of thousands USD installing EGPWS, TCASII, GPS, ELT, etc. Maintained in accordance with European JAROPS1 standards. In a couple of minutes you can turn them from passenger 19Y regular density with toilette in all cargo airplane carrying 1.7t or 18m3 of load.

the airplane was operand only on concrete runways on major European airports flying mostly for worldwide courier DHL on european route.

The airplane is since September in maintenance shop for R2 heavy maintenance, props OH and major AD2008-0104 (was due by July 1st 2010) Part B that is quite expensive, but we are one of the first operators to invest into L410 AD2008-0104 compliance. The AD2008-0104 has two Parts, A and B; B will certify the airplane to carry up to 9pax and cargo, while Part A & B will enable full payload of 19 pax. Price for Part B is $140,000 and airplane will be delivered with it, but if you want to use more than 9seat version then Part A must be performed and that will cost additional $155,000.

Delivery date end of January. For your info is attached specification at delivery.

For conclusion, buyer of this airplane will get an excellent L410 UVP-E:

- 0 time after R2 heavy maintenance
- OH all LLPs due at R2+12 mnths
- Propellers 0 time since Overhaul
- Part B of AD2008-0104 completed
- engines with lots of life remained (87% and 58%)
- interior refurbished
- EASA Type cert
- manuals, immaculate documentation, etc

No doubt, price reflects funds invested and this is the only L410 UVP-E that meets worldwide AD compliance, so far no alternative airplane to be so affordable, reliable and versatile like this particular L410. The best value-for-money L410 on the market.

Attached to this email you may find aircraft status list. The status list shows you all the details requested in the email below. The status list attached to this email as well as tool list and spare parts list is subject to change.

The aircraft exterior and interior photos are attached as well. I will make sure to provide you with a list of tools and spare parts available for sale.

PRICE for tools and spare parts 25.000EUR.


680.000EUR, as is where is




L410 UVP-E s/n 912608

Serial number: 912608
Year of production: 1991
Utilisation started: 1993
Engines: Watler M601E
Propellers: Avia V 510

Aircraft status 15.5.2008
R1 revision completed: 24.June 2004
After R1 airframe resources (hours): 4800
After R1 airframe resources (years): 10

Aircraft will be delivered with deregistration form, Export –Certificate of Airworthiness, Type Certificate, Noise Certificate, certificates of the aggregates and log books and all technical documentation in English language.


620.000 EUR EXW, Brno, CZ


L-410-UVP-E-20-tech-specs.pdf L-410-UVP-E-20-avionics.pdf