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L410 UVP

L410 UVP s/n 800329

We can propose you the aircraft Let410UVP s/n 800329 in different condition.
The additional fuel tank for 850 liters is in passenger salon.
The aircraft has the passenger’s seats with new blue covers. Now the covers are stored at the warehouse.

1) “as is where is” without overhaul engines and propellers.
The cost is 280 000,00 USD. The price includes the below indicated works.
The terms of shipment – 3 weeks since prepayment
Date of produce 31.01.1980
Time since new (TSN) 6324 h. / 8646
Landing Number of OH 1
Date of OH 1985, Czech Republic
Time after Overhaul 4197 hours / 5333 landing
Specified life 20000 hours, 30000 landing
The last day of flight 02 October 2008

MOTORS: Type of engine М601D
Serial № 831061
Date of produce 1983
TTSN, Hours 1237
TSOH, hours/cycle 422,26
Last date of OH 02/04/1988

Type of engine М601D
Serial № 841078
Date of produce 1984
TSN, Hours 1053-24
TSOH, hours/cycle Not OH

Propellers: Type V508D
Serial № 240061695
Date of produce 30.06.1983

Type V508D Serial № 430662352
Date of produce 30.11.1989
The works was done on the aircraft:
- the installation of a new fuel tanks (we changed the old tanks for new, the date of produce of tanks are 2008);
- the installation of a new cover of rubbers and elerons;
- the installation of a new pitostatic hoses;
- we repaired the brakes
- we lubricated the aircraft according to the lubrication chart;
- check of all systems of the aircraft, test the instruments in the laboratory

The works will be done on the aircraft:
- the installation of new hoses of hydraulic, oil and fuel system;
- the installation of new tires as main as nose landing gears;
- we wll check and regulate the engines and cords (in processing);
- maintenace of the aircraft;
- to prepare the aircraft to ferry flight

Equipment - standard
Additional avionics:
- GPS Garmin-155 XL
- GTX-320 with АК-350

2) With checking F8 and Revision R1, the fresh overhaul of engines and propellers.
The price is 580 000,00 USD

The terms of shipment – 3 month since prepayment
TBO R1 will be 4800 hours 9000 landings 10 years
TBO of the engine will be 1500 hours, 2250 cycles, 5 years
TBO of the propeller will be 2000 hours in 5 years

Option: we can install other avionics such the RDR-2000 with indicator IN182. The cost of installation RDR 2000 with IN 182 = 36 000 USD (the price includes the radar RDR 2000, indicator IN182, LUN 1205.01, AGR74, installation kits, the installation works)

The terms of delivery – FCA Kharkov, Ukraine (Incoterms 2000). It means that our company is responsible for customs clearance.

The terms of payment is 50% advanced payment, the rest sum is paid before the fly out.

The Buyer draw up the certificate of airworhiness, the certificate for state registration of the aircraft, insurance policy by oneself.

These documents must be issued before start the test flight or flight out.


Will be provided upon request

Detailed sheet (pdf)