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11x Engines M601B available for sale

1. 3x engines with engine logbooks. s/n 812040, TTSN 1500 hrs, TSO 750 hrs, 2 OH performed, last OH 21.12.1989 in Tora, Charkow (Ukraine)
s/n 814040, TTSN 2229 hrs, TSO 740 hrs, 2 OH performed, last OH 5. 7. 1990, in Tora
s/n 822007 , TTSN 1994 hrs, TSO 994 hrs, 2 OH performed, last OH 22.12.1989 in Tora

2. 8x engines M601B without logbooks but with we have all history records about them from previous operators: TTSN are more less the same (cca 2000 hrs….)

s/n 812001
s/n 812015
s/n 812019
s/n 812039
s/n 812044
s/n 813046
s/n 821006
s/n 824018

All engines were taken from airplanes because they reached time for OH , not from any other reason or default, no accident records.

They are stored in dry environment in hangar, and are in very good conditions…but calendary expired…

DELIVERY: immediatelly after receiving the payment

PRICE: will be provided upon the request

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